| 24 November 2023

High school engineering certificates support the next generation of engineers

Engineers Australia Queensland is trialling an annual program to recognise exceptional high school students studying engineering subjects. 

To receive a certificate students must achieve more than 90 per cent on their internal assessments. Engineers Australia has worked with teachers and schools to coordinate the presentation of the certificates and the first students have received theirs already. 

Engineers Australia Queensland General Manager Stacey Rawlings says the program aims to further promote the profession to interested students and to increase their awareness of Engineers Australia.  

“This year we’ve issued 179 certificates to the next generation of Queensland engineers from across 39 schools.” 

“Each of the award recipients have shown exciting potential for a career in engineering. It's great to see so many talented students interested in our sector.” 

Engineers Australia spoke to two participants, Charlotte and Kade about their hopes for a career in the industry.  

Kade said the idea of watching your thoughts turn into a refined physical prototype or product that can be used inspired him to choose engineering as a subject.  

"I will be studying Mechanical Engineering at UniSC and that same idea inspired me to pursue the school subject. The idea of making my own thoughts into a reality, will continue to motivate me until I finish my degree and continue to pursue engineering in the workforce,” he said. 

Charlotte says she chose engineering as a subject on a whim. She originally thought she would go into medicine but briefly brought up engineering in an interview with her careers advisor and so was enrolled in the subject. 

“I'm so grateful for her [careers advisor] encouraging my interests, as it evolved into me choosing a career in the field.” 

She has now chosen to do a double degree in engineering and architecture at QUT. 

“I am motivated to study engineering as it will enable me in the future to do something that requires problem solving and collaboration. These factors will enable growth in my understanding of knowledge and facilitate personal development,” Charlotte said. 

Following the success of the engineering student recognition program, Engineers Australia Queensland will continue the program next year. The certificates are hoped to continue encouraging and inspiring bright young minds to join the engineering profession.