Media release
| 22 February 2024

Engineers Australia and Consult Australia sign Historic Collaboration Agreement

Engineers Australia and Consult Australia have signed a formal collaboration agreement, marking a significant milestone in a relationship spanning almost 90 years. 

The collaboration, built on a shared history of engaging members and advocating for change, combines the unique views of both memberships to tackle shared challenges and seek growth opportunities. Central to the agreement is a plan that represents the interests of both engineers and businesses, focusing on key issues such as ethics, diversity and inclusion, and mental health and well-being.

The agreement includes efforts to increase the presence and recognition of women in engineering, create healthier workplaces, and ensure engineers are recognised professionally through standardised education and government registration.

The collaboration is also dedicated to promoting sustainability and innovation, aiming to improve productivity and provide value to the community. It also seeks to address the insurance needs of both businesses and the engineering profession, advocate for reforms to improve access to skills both globally and locally, secure government registration for engineers, and support a vibrant STEM community.

This partnership not only shows the shared goals and values of Engineers Australia and Consult Australia but also a commitment to improving the culture within the respective sectors. By working together, the organisations aim to improve the well-being of members, increase the sustainability and efficiency of sectors, and ultimately, achieve better results for clients, governments, and the wider community.

Engineers Australia President Dr Raj Aseervatham says:
“While each organisation preserves its distinct voice to reflect the specific priorities of our respective members, this agreement reinforces our joint commitment to collaboratively tackle a wide range of challenges and opportunities that impact our sector and the broader community. Together, we are dedicated to fostering a thriving future for the engineering and consulting professions, driven by integrity, excellence, and a shared vision for positive change.”

Consult Australia President Tasos Katopodis says:
“Australian engineering has long been at the forefront of our nation's development, offering solutions to complex challenges and shaping our built and natural environments. As we confront the uncertainties of the future, our collaborative leadership is more crucial than ever. Engineers Australia, representing the engineering profession, and Consult Australia, representing businesses in design and engineering, stand together to lead towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.”

About Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is the trusted voice of the engineering profession, representing the interests of professional engineers across all disciplines. Committed to engineering excellence, Engineers Australia advocates for the profession, supports its members, and contributes to the development of policies and standards that ensure Australia's engineering sector remains world-class

About Consult Australia

Consult Australia represents the business interests of consulting firms in the built and natural environment. Focused on improving the business environment for consulting firms, Consult Australia advocates on behalf of its members on issues that impact their business, promoting industry reform and supporting the development of a sustainable consulting industry in Australia.