| 09 February 2024

Meet Sameed Ullslam, student member and mentor

Sameed tells us about his passion for engineering education, mentorship and first-year internships. He is giving back to the community and working on a new program in the high school he attended. 

Can you tell us about what you are studied/studying and what you hope to achieve in your career? 

I am in my fourth and final year of a Bachelor of Mining Engineering and currently working at BHP as an intern, beginning my journey at the end of 2021 as a part of the company’s ‘first year intern’ program. Since then, I have rolled onto second- and third-year placements at Nickel West, Leinster, which is an opportunity I am ecstatically grateful for.   

A substantial achievement within my professional career would be conceptualising a plan in which ideas such as ‘net-zero emissions’ and ‘a greener future’ are systemised on a site-based level. Additionally, as my career progresses, I want to develop programs within companies to support first-year internships, so that more students can begin their career journeys in first year and become an integral part of the ‘team-culture’ leading towards futures within the company at the completion of their studies.  

Can you tell us a bit more about your mentorship of high-school students?  

As a part of wanting to give back to the community, I took the initiative as an engineer and student to mentor kids at Al-Ameen College. Having graduated the college in 2019, I decided to stay in contact with teachers who helped me envision my future. After discussions with them about how I could give back, a five-week program is set to be delivered on Monday 15 April. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.  

What inspires you to give back and what do you get out of it?   

The placement within my first year of engineering at BHP allowed my communication and professional skills to shine. This was a pivotal moment in my career as an engineer because I understood that managers and leaders appreciated these skills, which enabled my development.  

I want to assist students in discovering their potential in these areas, especially since communication skills and networking are not directly taught within an engineering degree but are ranked highly from a market-value perspective. The idea of giving back empowers me to take on bigger roles, with the end goal being a team of young engineers helping Australian students learn critical skills that set them up for a strong future.   

Do you have any advice for a young engineer in a similar position to yourself?   

‘There is no such thing as a silly question’ was a quote I heard early on that I have embedded within my professional career. The concept of ‘fear’ and being scared to ask questions is a substantial limiting factor students face in networking. Be confident and encompass the courage to go and ask questions. People love to be heard and talk about their experience!  

Utilise online resources such as Engineers Australia’s EA OnDemand, LinkedIn and YouTube, which I have found are all great tools for improving communications and professional skills.