| 18 March 2024

Meet Hasan Muttakin, Young Engineers Australia Victoria committee co-chair

Hasan tells us about his goals to inspire the next generation and mentor early career individuals to become industry leading professionals. 

What inspired you to study engineering? 

Growing up I used to watch a television show called Art Attack where the host used to design and build a lot of different stuff using cardboard. Taking that inspiration and connecting it with my love for physics and math, engineering was the only career I wanted to pursue. The only question that remained was, which field of engineering? 

What are your hopes for the YEAV committee this year? What do you hope to achieve in your co-chair position? 

It's been a great experience to see the committee grow over the years. I am proud of the team and what we have accomplished so far. This year, our focus is to enable more collaborations, networking and mentoring opportunities for young engineers in Victoria. We want to embrace innovation and bring a sustainability mindset in everything we do. In addition to this, encourage our members to take risks when it comes to challenging the ‘business as usual’ way of doing things. While humanity keeps on evolving, there will always be better solutions to problems.  

As co-chair, I want to create a sense of belonging for our members and establish a culture where people can lean on each other for support and help, learn from each other and keep a record of lessons learned so that the next cohort don't have to reinvent the wheel.  

Why is it important for you to give back to the profession? 

Engineers are one of the most trusted professions in the world. From switching off the light to turning on the tap for drinking water, there is engineering and modern science in everything we do daily. When I think about giving back to the profession it’s to inspire the next generation and mentor early career individuals so that they can get some help in navigating through their journey and become industry leading professionals. 

What are your hopes for your future in the engineering profession?   

I have been really enjoying design and consulting. Having a supportive team and a strong company culture, especially during early careers, is very important. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been getting. In the future, I want to develop expertise and experience in my field of structural engineering, build meaningful relationships and eventually become more of a strategy and policy making consultant.