Building reform in NSW

Engineers Australia is amplifying the voice of engineers around building sector reform.

The engineering profession in NSW has seen major change in the building and construction industry since 2019. This includes changes to the Residential Apartment Building Act, the Design and Building Practitioners Act and others.

The NSW Government is now proposing wide-ranging reforms that will ensure people can own, occupy and use compliant, safe and resilient buildings.

What Engineers Australia is doing

Engineers Australia is ensuring the voice of the engineering profession is being heard in this important area. As part of work we're currently undertaking, we've sent a comprehensive submission to the NSW government's proposed building reforms which has incorporated our members feedback.

The NSW government's set of proposals focus on:

  • making home building fairer and easier
  • supplying and using safer building products
  • regulating prefabricated and manufactured homes
  • strengthening building compliance and enforcement
  • licensing commercial and home building work
  • upskilling the building and construction industry
  • securing prompt and fair payment for building work.

This is a substantial piece of work that will likely have far reaching effects on Engineers Australia’s members working in the building space.

Learn more about the work we're doing in building sector reform across Australia. 



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Engineers Australia | December 2016

Victorian Building Authority Code of Conduct Protocol

Engineers Australia welcomes the development of the protocol and we further welcome the direction that the VBA is taking insofar as establishing frameworks and guides that will be available to consumers of services provided by Registered Building Professionals.