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Engineers Australia | August 2022

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering uses the core knowledge of the environment to create innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Engineers Australia | August 2022

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering deals with the understanding, prediction, and calculation of the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures.

Code of ethics and guidelines on professional conduct
Engineers Australia | August 2022

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics and Guidelines on Professional Conduct defines the values and principles that shape the decisions made, and provides a framework for members of Engineers Australia to use when exercising their judgment, in engineering practice and as members of Engineers Australia.

Red background white chevrons
Engineers Australia | August 2022

EA strategy on a page

Engineers Australia's strategy on a page outlines how we will advance society through great engineering through focused action and collaboration to deliver maximum impact and benefit for members, the profession and the community.
Victorian state registration self assessment guide cover
Engineers Australia | August 2022

Victorian state registration: Self assessment guide for holistic assessments

This guide has been developed to assist you to self-assess and collate evidence to support a holistic assessment application to demonstrate that your combination of qualifications, experience and competencies are consistent with the Professional Engineer Registration Act 2019 for registration of Professional Engineers in Victoria.

Engineers Australia | August 2022

AMS-GEN-09 Accreditation information guide for EA volunteers

Read this guide if you're an EA member volunteering to assist with accreditation of engineering education courses from higher education or VET providers.

Cover of the guide to Victorian registration assessment
Engineers Australia | August 2022

How to apply for assessment of qualifications, skills and competencies for Victorian state registration

If you wish to be registered as a Professional Engineer in Victoria under the Professional Engineer Registration Act 2019, you need to have your qualifications, experience and competencies assessed. This document will guide you through the different assessment pathways and show you how to complete your assessment with Engineers Australia.

Cover image of booklet
Engineers Australia | August 2022

People and Projects Awards 2022 Finalists

This interactive booklet showcases the national finalists for the People and Projects Awards 2022. Each finalist has showcased outstanding examples of innovation and resourcefulness within the engineering profession, the highest technical, professional and community service standards in engineering and inspiring engineering professionals who demonstrate contribution to the well-being of people, communities, and sustainable engineering practices, promotion of the engineering profession, and the formulation of resourceful, innovative, and aesthetically appealing engineering solutions. 

aqua background with red chevrons
Engineers Australia | August 2022

National cultural policy survey

Engineers Australia's submission to the national cultural policy survey, in which draw attention to the unbalanced recognition given to the preservation of all forms of engineering and industrial (referred to as technological) heritage within the traditional heritage sector.

Cover of how to write careers episodes and a summary statement
Engineers Australia | August 2022

How to write careers episodes and a summary statement

This guides provides instructions on how to write career episodes and a summary statement for your EA membership competency assessment.

Engineers Australia | August 2022

Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation Conference Program

The SETE 2022 Conference program.

Strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia cover
Engineers Australia | August 2022

Strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia

Solutions to address the skills shortage in the short, medium, and long term.
Thumbnail cover image of publication
Engineers Australia | August 2021

Reducing trauma on Australian roads

Read our submission to the Parliament joint select committee on road safety.
Inquiry into harassment in the FIFO industry cover
Engineers Australia | August 2021

Inquiry into sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry

Submission to the WA Parliament Community Development and Justice Standing Committee. 

Inquiry into regulation of building standards cover
Engineers Australia | August 2021

Further Inquiry into the Regulation of Building Standards

Submission to the NSW Parliament Public Accountability Committee. 

Engineers Australia | August 2020

Infrastructure WA - A Stronger Tomorrow

Engineers Australia | August 2020

National Water Reform 2020

Engineers Australia | August 2020

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act Review

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