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Minimum requirements nationally consistent registration cover
Engineers Australia | February 2023

Minimum requirements for registration for independent practice

Engineers Australia has developed a guide on the minimum registration requirements for national registration. This guide outlines our position and will support our advocacy towards national consistency.

Grey with navy document symbol
Northern Division | February 2023

Northern Territory Energy Security position statement

Engineers Australia Northern Committee sets out a number of statements they acknowledge as key to delivering better energy security outcomes in the Northern Territory context.

aqua background with navy document symbol
Engineers Australia | February 2023

Safeguard Mechanism Reforms position paper

Engineers Australia provides feedback on the proposed Safeguard Mechanism reforms. Engineers Australia urges the government to consider all climate reforms, including these SGM reforms, within a context of engineering-led actions and responses.

Case for nationally consistent registration
Engineers Australia | February 2023

The case for nationally consistent registration

This guide outlines Engineers Australia's position on registration for professional engineers and will support our advocacy towards national consistency.

Cover of Queensland water policy
Engineers Australia | February 2023

Queensland water policy: water governance for a resilient future

Engineers Australia has developed this water policy statement to suggest a way toward a prosperous, sustainable and resilient future.

Cover of MSA online for applicants
Engineers Australia | February 2023

Migration skills assessment online: applicant user guide

This document details the online migration skills assessment (MSA) application process. Engineers Australia offers MSA for applicants intending to apply for migration to Australian via the Points Test Skilled Migration scheme

Cover of MSA online for migration agents
Engineers Australia | February 2023

Migration skills assessment online: agent guide

This guide will help you to register your agency in the portal, set up your migration agent’s profile in the portal, manage clients and create applications on behalf of them.

Future of transport paper cover featuring red text and an image of a highway in the middle of high rise buildings
Engineers Australia | January 2023

The future of transport discussion paper

With contributions from future of transport working group members this paper discusses pathways to a sustainable, decarbonised transport network including looking at transport though a systems view and enabling greater collaboration for project planning and funding.

Cover of Developer Review Panel
Engineers Australia | January 2023

Developer Review Panel

Engineers Australia's submission to the Queensland Government in response to its discussion paper to examine the role of developers and their interface with the construction industry.

Cover of Engineers Australia's 2023 Budget submission with blue background and red cube in the middle
Engineers Australia | January 2023

Engineers Australia's Budget submission 2023

Engineers Australia advocates for skills, nationally consistent registration, engineering led climate action, a reliable energy transition and support for innovation in the 2023 Federal Budget. 

Aqua background with document symbol
Engineers Australia | January 2023

Royal Charter and By-laws

Engineers Australia has operated under a Royal Charter since 1938. It also operates under a set of by-laws to ensure appropriate regulation and fair processes for governing boards and members alike.

Publication cover
Engineers Australia | January 2023

Special provisions for the design of residential slabs and footings and structural design of small structures

This guide is deisgned to assist in site investigations and footing and foundation design situations where information on the subject cannot otherwise be obtained from the normative and informative sections of AS2870.

Enhancing Australia's migration program cover
Engineers Australia | December 2022

Enhancing Australia's migration program

Engineers Australia's response to questions posed by the Department of Home Affairs about Australia's migration program. 

aqua background with navy document symbol
Engineers Australia | December 2022

Inquiry into plastic pollution in Australia’s oceans and waterways

Engineers Australia welcomes the opportunity to submit a response into the Inquiry into plastic pollution in Australia’s oceans and waterways. Plastic pollution is of course more widespread than in aquatic ecosystems alone however it is in marine environments that the effect of plastic pollution is most widely observed.

cover for our employment white paper submission
Engineers Australia | December 2022

Employment White Paper submission

Engineers Australia’s submission to the Employment White Paper focuses on three major concerns. First, the Federal Government needs to implement national consistency on registration schemes for engineers. Second, Australia is facing an acute shortage of critical engineering skills which needs to be addressed now. Third, we need to look into different business models for productivity in order to meet demand for the supply of engineers. 

Cover of Assessment scheme for BPEQ
Engineers Australia | December 2022

Engineers Australia assessment scheme for the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland

This document details Engineers Australia’s requirements to be assessed for independent practice as a professional engineer and demonstrates how this also satisfies BPEQ’s eligibility requirements.

aqua background with navy document symbol
Engineers Australia | November 2022

AMS-STD-20 Accreditation standard for VET programs

This document sets out the accreditation standards Engineers Australia applies to VET engineering courses. Use this with the AMS-MAN-21 procedures manual.
Cover of annual report 2021-22
Engineers Australia | November 2022

Annual report 2021-2022

This annual report informs of measurable progress against our strategic priorities, ensures transparent and responsible reporting for governance best practice, summarises the main activities and financial performance of our organisation, and informs stakeholders, partners, media and government of our focus. 

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