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Future Fuels Strategy submission
Engineers Australia | March 2021

Future Fuels Strategy

Engineers Australia is a strong supporter of initiatives to reduce emissions, grow Australian industry, workforce and
strengthen our domestic fuel security. This submission provides general comments as well as specific answers to the questions posed under the priority initiatives.

Engineers Australia | March 2021

Victoria Draft Infrastructure Strategy

Barriers to participation in the workforce cover
Engineering for Australia Taskforce | March 2021

Barriers to participation in engineering and the value of interventions to improve diversity

Despite considerable effort, there is still much to be done to improve girls’ participation in STEM education and careers. The Engineering for Australia Taskforce has appreciated the need to act based on four issues they have identified. This paper reviews the international research literature that not only focuses on barriers to girls’ participation in engineering, but more importantly focuses on the value of interventions to improve diverse participation in engineering.

Enhancing productivity in infrastructure delivery cover
Engineers Australia | March 2021

Enhancing productivity in infrastructure delivery

The purpose of this document is to engage Engineers Australia members and the engineering-adjacent community in a discussion about what it will take to increase productivity in the infrastructure industry, and to determine how engineers can best contribute to meaningful evidence-based policy development.

Cover of aviation infrastructure discussion paper
Transport Australia Society | March 2021

Aviation infrastructure

This document has been produced with an aim to improve aviation in Australia and is intended to inform discussions contributing to Australia’s aviation economy, which is essential for communities, industries, businesses, and tourism. The focus of the paper is on the airport, from the air to the land side, including transport infrastructure planning and engineering, today and in the future.

Engineering and the Australian curriculum cover
Engineers Australia | March 2021

Engineering in the Australian curriculum F-Year 10 and Senior Secondary

There is no discrete definition of engineering or engineering capabilities in the Australian curriculum, unlike mathematics, science and technology. Rather, for foundation to year 10, engineering is addressed primarily across three learning areas: science, technologies and mathematics and through a specific focus on engineering principles and systems in the design and technologies strand within technologies learning area.

Engineers Australia | February 2021

Mutual Recognition Act

External voice project cover
Engineers Australia | February 2021

External Voice Project

The External Voice Project (EVP) is a mechanism for delivering on a set of Engineers Australia Board priorities. This document explains the EVP model. 

EHA cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | January 2021

EHA Magazine, volume 3, edition 7

This edition looks at Perth's Secret WWII RAAF Bunker, Tram substation machinery in Melbourne, and new home for the NSW Australian Railway Historical Society, and the 2021 Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference.

Engineers Australia | January 2021

North West Transport Network Business Case

Guide of the fire safety verification method
Society of Fire Safety | January 2021

Guide on the fire safety verification method

This guide is designed to assist professional fire safety engineers, project certifiers, design teams, approval authorities and stakeholders with the practical and appropriate use of the Fire Safety Verification Method (FSVM) as contained in Schedule 7 of the National Construction Code, Volume 1, Building Code of Australia 2019, Amendment 1 (NCC).

Engineers Australia | December 2020

Registration of Builders (and related occupations) Reforms

Engineers Australia | December 2020

Registration of Building Engineers

Engineers Australia | December 2020

WA Design and Building Practitioners Regulation

Queensland water policy cover
Engineers Australia | December 2020

Queensland water policy: water governance for a resilient future

Engineers Australia has developed this water policy statement to suggest a way toward a prosperous, sustainable and resilient future.

Engineers Australia | November 2020

Critical infrastructure security legislation amendment

Engineers Australia | November 2020

The Future of Australia's Aviation Sector

Annual report 2019-2022 cover
Engineers Australia | November 2020

Annual report 2019-2020

This annual report provides comprehensive information on our achievements for the 2019–20 financial year. It aims to inform members of measurable progress against our strategic priorities, ensure transparent and responsible reporting that meets governance best practice, provide members with information about the main activities and financial performance of our organisation, and inform stakeholders, partners, media and government of our areas of focus as the peak body for the engineering profession in Australia. 

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