National Engineering Register terms

Terms and conditions for applicants to the National Engineering Register (NER). 

I agree, if admitted to registration on the NER, to be bound by the provisions of the Royal Charter and By-Laws and General Regulation of Engineers Australia and the ethical standards set out in Engineers Australia's Code of Ethics.

I consent to my name, occupational category, post nominals of membership of Engineers Australia, area(s) of practice, state or territory, suburb and postcode being shown on the NER and understand that I can choose to have additional information from my professional address (including email address and phone numbers) also shown in my profile. I am aware that the details shown in my profile on NER will be available to the public and may be provided to other parties.

I further consent to my personal information being disclosed to Engineers Australia’s third party service providers for the purpose of facilitating my registration on the NER and any associated services.

I declare that if admitted to registration on the NER, and on an annual basis at the time of my membership renewal, I will attest that:

  • I am complying with the CPD requirements; and
  • I am complying with the Code of Ethics.

I certify that the statements made by me in my NER application are true and correct. I understand that I have an obligation to inform Engineers Australia of any matter that may affect my fitness for registration on the NER.


Last updated: 22 November 2021