| 30 June 2023

Represent Engineers Australia on WFEO committees

Engineers Australia is looking for Chartered members to join committees at the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO). 

WFEO is the peak body for professional engineering institutions with 100 national and regional members representing more than 30 million members.

As a National Member of WFEO Engineers Australia can nominate suitably qualified and experienced members to be representatives on WFEO committees. 

Each voluntary role runs for a term of two years with the option of a second two-year term. Participation will be virtual with no travel requirements. 

Read below for a summary of each committee, requirements of the role and how to put yourself forward.


Committee on Disaster and Risk Management (CDRM) 
The CDRM aims to promote the culture of disaster risk management through the dissemination of applicable knowledge and best practice engineering, and to promote research and exchange of experiences in DRM both locally and globally.

Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (CEIT) 
The CEIT aims to identify and promote suitable technologies for sustainable development, especially in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and enhance and national and international collaboration for facilitating a sustainable world. 

Committee on Engineering and the Environment (CEE) 
The CEE aims to enable the global engineering professional to support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Committee on Energy (CE) 
The CE aims to be the Engineering reference for programs, strategies and policies aiming to move toward sustainable and resilient energy systems around the world.

Committee on Young Engineers/Future Leaders (YE/FL) 
YE/FL represents engineers at the beginning of their careers. Their aim is to support the vision of WFEO with a focus on the meaningful inclusion of young engineers around the world. 

Committee on Education in Engineering (CEIE) 
The CEIE aims to work towards excellence in engineering education with a focus on the issues of accreditation for the mobility of engineering professionals globally.

Committee on Anti-corruption (CAC) 
The CAC aims to engage the worldwide engineering community in the global effort to fight corruption.

Women in Engineering (WIE) 
WIE aims to promote equality, diversity and inclusivity in the engineering workforce.

Committee on Engineering Capacity Building (CECB) 
The CECB aims to identify, advise, develop and facilitate ways and means to address gaps in engineering and decision-making capacity in the engineering profession.

Committee on Information and Communication (CIC) 
The CIC aims to help push forward ICT in order for it to be applied globally, with a focus on narrowing the gap for developing countries.

Committee on Water (CW) 
The Committee aims to bring together experts actively involved in providing engineering solutions to advance Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.

Working Group on Infrastructure Report Card (WGIRC) 
The WGIRC aims to produce an infrastructure report card to provide guidance for assessing the state of infrastructure across the world, helping to inform governments and the UN on policies which will facilitate progress on the UN SDGs.

WFEO committee member role

Engineers Australia representatives nominated as members of WFEO Committees will be a member of the relevant committee in their own capacity.  However, a nominee, whilst maintaining any relevant committee confidentiality, is expected to:

  • Consult with Engineers Australia on relevant matters which may be under consideration by the WFEO committee, particularly when organsiation support is required or inferred
  • Present the views of Engineers Australia to the WFEO committee
  • Provide regular reports to Engineers Australia’s International Advisory Panel (IAP) on relevant matters
  • Attend quarterly meetings with nominees of other Engineers Australia WFEO committee representatives
  • Seek endorsement from Engineers Australia to nominate for positions within the WFEO committee, such as leader of a working group or Deputy Chair.

Eligibility and personal attributes

Engineers Australia’s representatives on WFEO committees require relevant knowledge of the specialised activities of the committee and must also:

  • Be a current Chartered member or Fellow of Engineers Australia
  • Possess proven capability in the following personal attributes
  • Think strategically and identify and critically assess global engineering trends
  • Have extensive experience working as part of the engineering team as either a Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist or Engineering Associate
  • Contribute and act in Engineers Australia’s best interests, be transparent and declare any activities or conduct that might be a perceived, real or potential conflict as well as maintain Engineers Australia's confidentiality and act ethically

Term of appointment

The term of appointment to the WFEO committee nominees is two years with the option of a second two-year term.  Engineers Australia must approve the representative being appointed for a second term.

Time commitment

The time commitment for each representative will be dependent on the frequency of meetings for each WFEO committee.

All nominees will also be expected to participate in quarterly video conference meetings of up to two hours with other Engineers Australia WFEO committee representatives. 


Nominees must provide a current CV and a brief one-page statement addressing the applicable capabilities you would bring to the relevant WFEO committee.

Please ensure you include the name of the committee/s which you would like to participate on in your one-page statement.

Nominations should be submitted via the application form by 5.00 pm AEST on Tuesday 25 July.  

If you wish to discuss these roles, please email us to arrange a chat.